Flagship Project Update

January 31, 2018

The USE-IT staff and Board, eThekwini Municipality and the Department of Environmental Affairs through the Green Fund are excited to share their progress on the construction of the Hammarsdale Waste Beneficiation Centre (HWBC) with our friends, colleagues, partners and interested parties.  Construction on this R30M Greenfields development started in the first quarter of 2017 and Phase 1 is scheduled for completion by mid-June 2018.  We firstly have to thank our funders for sharing our vision in the Centre as without the Green Fund, none of this would be possible. Thanks also need to go to the eThekwini Municipality for their support as their funding of USE-IT is what has carried the birth and formulation of this vision, and given us the resources to drive the project forward.  We must also pay tribute to the Mpumalanga Township Council and community members for their cooperation and collaboration.  USE-IT must also thank the amazing team we have driving this project including the Project Managers - ISF, the Built Environment Management team under JG Afrika and the contractors Robertson & Poole.  We have far surpassed all our targets in terms of using local labour and local contractors and the construction is currently ahead of schedule!


The vision is more than just a recycling centre, but rather a centre of excellence and learning to catalyse the development of the Green Economy on sound principles of Circular Economic Development. We see this as a flagship project and as a model for Africa. Whilst the key tenants are to be large-scale waste beneficiation projects, they are integrally tied in with community development, enterprise development (ED) and supplier development (SD) using outreach programmes and the incubators that form a central theme to the Centre.  The incubators can be used to direct Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding to develop solutions and outlets for industry’s wastes in a manner that brings direct benefits to the investment on the triple bottom line whilst sorting out waste issues, and achieving the ED and SD goals of corporates.  The interest that the HWBC project has developed is already proving the catalytic potential of this Centre with many more industries indicating their eagerness to participate driving the need for Phase 2 development .  USE-IT have already estimated the cost of Phase 2 development at R78 million and are already seeking financing for the growth.  Phase 1 only takes up 1.6 Ha of the total 8.2Ha site, so there is significant scope for growth.  This is a showcase project that is already receiving international attention and has already been under the spotlight in Parliament through the Minister of Environment as a project of national priority that can guide sustainable development in South Africa and encourage investment into the Green Economy.


This project is way bigger than USE-IT and we are encouraging all to engage with us to see how they can contribute and collaborate with the growth and development of the Centre and help us drive the incubators to achieve our common vision for sustainable and inclusive growth in this sector.  There is scope for Billions in development in the waste sector and the intention is for the Hammarsdale Waste Beneficiation Centre to lead the way for a greener, more prosperous South Africa for all its citizens.

September 26, 2017

Read more about the article written by Chris Whyte for Endeavour Magazine - September 2017 Issue written by: ALICE INSTONE-BREWER

They say that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. This couldn’t be truer than when talking about USE-IT, the veritable Wombles of South Africa’s NGOs. USE-IT research waste to develop new uses for the things we throw away; we spoke with Chris Whyte, USE-IT’s Managing Director, to learn more about the group’s current projects and their vision for the future of the South African recycling sector.

USE-IT’s mission is a simple one: to prevent wastage. They aim to achieve this goal by adding to the technology, facilities and interest in South Africa’s recycling arena. To do so, they are committed to researching waste materials in search of new uses that will justify further investment in their recovery and re-processing, as well as working to develop new methods and innovations to improve efficiency in the growing sector.

USE-IT wins Individual Trophy in the KZN Waste Management Awards 2016

November 16, 2016

USE-IT diverted 10256 tons, representing 30,619m3 of waste from landfill in the 2014-2015 financial year.  The estimated cost of landfill airspace in eThekwini is given by DSW as R300/m3, this equates to a saving to landfill of R9,185,700 - a saving of R4.59 for every Rand in operational funding received from eThekwini last year.

This is no easy task, requiring the constant determination from Chris Whyte to ensure the successful implementation of projects through communication and understanding between government, business and the market.  A Circular Waste Economy at its best.

USE-IT wins GOLD in the EcoLogic Awards for Recycling and Waste Management

USE-IT has won the Eco-Logic Recycling and Waste Management award for work done in 2015. The awards recognizing environmental excellence are made in 14 categories by Enviropaedia and sponsored by high-level corporate supporters.

USE-IT scoops two Mail and Guardian Greening the Future Awards

October 07, 2016

USE-IT is the proud recipient of two Mail & Guardian Greening the Future 2015 awards, which celebrate efforts to create a cleaner planet without compromising progress. USE-IT received the ‘Green Technology Innovations’ award which recognises cutting edge technological innovations aimed at the more efficient use of natural resources.

USE-IT’s Compressed Earth Blocks boasts five star EcoStandard certification

October 07, 2016

USE-IT is proud to announce that its Compressed Earth Blocks have received a five star EcoStandard rating. USE-IT’s Compressed Earth Blocks offer a sustainable alternative to conventional building blocks. EcoStandard is an environmental certification body, which aims to establish a portfolio of certified and rated products within South Africa’s construction sector. The EcoProduct label is awarded to manufacturers in recognition of their transparency and outstanding environmental practice.

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