Waste Beneficiation to Reduce cost of Building

USE-IT is offering developers of large-scale building projects the opportunity to acquire the technology and training to utilize a fully certified building process and technology to provide a cost-reduction of 16% in the building process, whilst benefiting from providing high quality homes that are thermally efficient strong and environmentally friendly.

The Compressed Earth Block Project has the resources to provide both the technology and the training to companies in the building industry.

Below are some of the Flagship Projects we are currently busy with.

HWBC - Hammarsdale Waste Beneficiation Centre

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USE-IT has constructed a waste beneficiation centre in Hammarsdale in the Outer West region of Durban.  This extremely exciting project is a first for the African continent and we are proud to be a key part of this project.  Funding for the centre has been secured from the Green Fund.

We produced a fully green building development, using our Compressed Earth Blocks as the main building material of the waste beneficiation centre.  Other green elements for the project included full rain-water harvesting, storm-water collection systems, energy efficient hot water systems, LED lighting and off-grid, green power production using waste materials.

In the first phase, the centre has offices, a meeting area, a training area and a retail area to showcase and sell the products to be manufactured at the site.  It will also include 10 incubators to accommodate community-type projects in waste beneficiation, waste to art and up-cycling production areas.  

The main processing areas focuses on plastics, e-waste and glass, and this will grow over time to create designated areas for each of these projects.  We also aim to initiate composting facilities on the site, which we can then use to create organic farming applications on the lower portion of the site that will not only look to vegetable production and food security, but also to value-add applications such as traditional medicines and essential oils.  All water harvested that is not used in the administrative section can be used in the lower portion of the site for composting and watering of organically grown products.

The aim of this site is not for USE-IT to undertake all the components, but rather to attract community and private-sector ventures into the area.

Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB)

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The purpose of the Compressed Earth Block Project is to promote low technology manufacturing of building blocks from waste material and soil. USE-IT has developed the technology to use building rubble that was destined for landfill as a component of the mix in making building blocks for single story developments. The compressed earth blocks are composed of 25% mixed inert builders waste, 5% cement stabilizing agent, and 70% soil.

USE-IT has secured appropriate machinery for the block manufacture process and has built over a dozen demonstration units made from compressed Earth Blocks in Durban and surrounds. USE-IT compressed earth blocks have Agrément certification, which is required for non-conventional building materials.  The blocks are also compliant in terms of SABS standards and the National Home Builders Registration Council.

Rambricks are an innovative building material pioneered by USE-IT, made from compressed earth and recycled builders rubble. Rambricks offer a high-quality, cost effective and environmentally friendly building solution. The intelligent design is thermally efficient and three times stronger than hollow concrete blocks. In addition, Rambricks simplify the building process by eliminating the need for cement mortar, thus reducing bonding times and speeding up the building process.

The brick is Agrément certified, South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) compliant and boasts a five star EcoStandard rating. USE-IT is registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) and the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC).

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For more information or to place your order, contact USE-IT

on 031 765 2349.

Glass Beneficiation Programme

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USE-IT is working with multiple stakeholders in developing plans and assessing funding options for local processing of glass.  The model being assessed at the moment is the development of a central crushing and sieving facility where different size fractions will be channeled into multiple applications from abrasives and paints with the finer material to re-smelting applications for new products, sand-blasting grit, pipeline bedding material and building aggregates as the size fraction increases.

This project is dedicated to increasing glass recycling in South Africa. We are passionate about ensuring every South African realizes the value of recycling glass and actively embraces this practice.

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Flagship Projects