USE-IT has several flagship projects and other enterprise development projects funded through various donors, these relate to:

Funded Projects:

  • Compressed Earth Recycled Blocks

  • Glass Beneficiation Project

  • HWBC - Hammersdale Waste Benefication Centre

Small Enterprise Development Projects:

  • Waste Upcycling

  • E-Waste Recyclers

  • Local Plastics Recycling

  • Organics / Composting

  • Woodworking - custom made items from waste wood

  • Shoe manufacture and new products from waste leather offcuts

USE-IT is a Non-Profit Organisation with registered PBO status with the express aims of diverting waste and creating jobs. We leverage funds to create these opportunities from small community enterprises to larger going concerns. Through partnerships we can assist your company in better understanding the waste from raw material inputs, to what eventually ends up in your bins. We can then use diverted waste to establish Enterprise Development opportunities that you can use in your sustainability and annual reports and marketing literature.  


Even if your company does not generate much waste, why not work with USE-IT with your CSI budget where we can channel this into one of many worthy projects that brand you as a corporate and responsible waste producer. 


Contact us for a tailor made waste solution.