Small Enterprise Development Projects


From the first year intake of 29 YES candidates we have identified 1 entrepreneur and employed 6 staff directly with Use-It for Hammarsdale operations.  The identified SME received support through our incubator program where he is provided with:


  • Working space

  • access to tools

  • wood materials

  • access to business development SAB Foundation


SVM Timber currently employs two additional staff.

Waste Upcycling

USE-IT has engaged with Ningizimu Special School and other Communities in and around the greater Durban area to up-cycle Scrap Textiles, Plastic and Tyre tube inners.

The deliverable for the upcycling training was to train intellectually impaired children and other adults - 99 hours of training will be provided to the school for 4 weeks and a 6 week course was held for adults.  USE-IT has continued Community Training outside of the school and have currently trained nearly 100 Community Members.

The purpose in training was to impart skills on these individuals in the hope that they will retain such skills for future use that may enable them to become financially self-sufficient when they eventually leave the Ningizumu Special School  We are hoping to generate job opportunities for youth and the disabled. The graduates of this program will be targeted for absorption into a further training and craft project run by USE-IT.

E-Waste Recyclers

USE-IT has initiated the development of an electronic waste (e-waste) refurbishment and recycling centre in KwaZulu-Natal.

The e-waste refurbishment and recycling centre will house a refurbishment centre, a dismantling centre, a dismantling unit specially designed for Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors that are found in computers, cable stripping units, plastic casing granulators, and compactors and grinders, which are required for the other e-waste components.  The specialised equipment that is needed to dismantle e-waste is expensive and this dedicated USE-IT centre will enable all the different types of e-waste and different components to be dismantled under one roof and be sent off for waste beneficiation projects.

We have also created an industry networking group, focusing on several elements needed to address each of the requirements for establishing a closed-loop e-waste system for the province.  This incorporates provincial government departments wanting to lead by example and use their influence (and a multitude of discarded IT equipment) to help create a sustainable solution.

Printer Cartridge Recycling

GreenAble is a GreenOffice initiative.  This project sources used printer cartridges from industry and employs previously disadvantaged persons with physical disabilities to dismantle the different plastic and metal components of the cartridges for sale into the recycling market.  USE-IT helped create the links for the off-take of the recycled plastics, and the intention is to potentially expand this project to include printer and fax machine recycling as well as recycling of DVD’s, video cassettes and other magnetic media cassettes to extract the plastic components for further downstream recycling. USE-IT will continue supporting this project and facilitating its future growth.  This project currently employs 44 previously disadvantaged persons with physical disabilities (80% women), but we believe we have the capacity to increase this in the short to medium term. More than an employment project, GreenAble employs individuals with no matric and no previous work experience. During their employment, the employees attend ABET training and learnership with a view to attaining matric equivalent qualifications, bridging the skills gap and ultimately producing ‘work place ready’ candidates.

Local Plastics Recycling - Sbumeister

Sbumeister Plastics Wash Plant Facility in Pinetown is a small-scale plastics wash plant that currently processes 3.4 tons of dirty LDPE and polypropylene plastic waste per day.  There are now 51 people employed at this business and their capacity has increased to more than 100 tons per month. The facility is owned by Sbu Shange, a local entrepreneur who has worked in the plastics field for more than ten years. Shange with advice from mentor Barry Smith decided to open a plastics wash facility and approached the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) for funding. The NYDA provided them with a grant and together with donated equipment from Industrial Plastic Recyclers (IPR) and USE-IT the wash facility is now up and running. The Sbumeister Plastics Wash Plant Facility commenced operation on the 15th of July 2014.

Sefa provided funding to purchase a 300kg/ph wash plant from China, which unfortunately has never reaching its full production potential. The main reasons being that the moisture content has never achieved  a satisfactory level.  Recently a quotation was requested to endeavor to improve the performance of this wash plant.  In addition, Polyco has provided this business with a loan to purchase a second hand reconditioned wash plant, which recently has been installed.  At present , the operation is achieving about 1.7 tons per shift, which will be increased once a larger grinder is installed.

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Tyre Recycling

USE-IT is supporting an existing state of the art tyre recycling facility in eThekwini. USE-IT is also researching downstream beneficiation opportunities that could attract investment in manufacture of products such as carpet underlay, safety matting, roof shingles or other applications to ensure that beneficiation occurs locally instead of the processed granulated rubber being shipped off to offshore markets.

Successful outcomes of this collaboration was the development of the Envirobuild Initiative.

Tycyler initiative

The Tycycler is the only clean, non-motorised tyre-recycling device to have successfully been prototyped in Africa. Using little more than a hydraulic jack, sharp edge and raw human energy the device can extract the steel bead wire from up to 150 waste tyres per day, producing between 180 and 200 kilograms of high quality steel bead wire. Each device creates two new full-time jobs and sequesters four tonnes of carbon emissions per day.

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Small Enterprise Development

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