Small Enterprise Development Projects

Skills Development & Training (VOLUNTEER)

From the initial intake of 29 YES interns where basic skills were taught we have now extended the program to include:


Level 1 – Woodworking

Level 2 – Carpentry

Level 3 – Machine & tooling

Level 4 – Competent carpenter

With the ultimate aim of either supporting a new SME in the industry or to place them with industry players.

Inkhanyiso Shoes - SME INCUBATION

Inkanyiso, together with their Partners for Prosperity (such as individuals, community leaders and patriotic businesses) create locally sourced, proudly South African school shoes to gift to children in need:


  • Support the education of children in South Africa by providing them with quality, durable school shoes.

  • Invest in South Africa’s economy by supporting local manufacturers and suppliers.

Use It has partnered with Inkanyiso shoes through our incubation program at Hammarsdale to further develop affordable shoes. Waste leather is reutilised to produce a range of durable shoes.


From the first year intake of 29 YES candidates we have identified 1 entrepreneur and employed 6 staff directly with Use-It for Hammarsdale operations.  The identified SME received support through our incubator program where he is provided with:


  • Working space

  • access to tools

  • wood materials

  • access to business development SAB Foundation


SVM Timber currently employs two additional staff.

Waste Upcycling

USE-IT has engaged with Ningizimu Special School and other Communities in and around the greater Durban area to up-cycle Scrap Textiles, Plastic and Tyre tube inners.

The deliverable for the upcycling training was to train intellectually impaired children and other adults - 99 hours of training will be provided to the school for 4 weeks and a 6 week course was held for adults.  USE-IT has continued Community Training outside of the school and have currently trained nearly 100 Community Members.

The purpose in training was to impart skills on these individuals in the hope that they will retain such skills for future use that may enable them to become financially self-sufficient when they eventually leave the Ningizumu Special School  We are hoping to generate job opportunities for youth and the disabled. The graduates of this program will be targeted for absorption into a further training and craft project run by USE-IT.

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Small Enterprise Development